The Best Employer to Employee Communication Platform to keep Employees
Updated, Engaged and Energised!

Meet Comunica

Convenient Learning Anytime Anywhere

An App that brings Learning to People instead of taking People to Learning

Two Way Communication

Communication flowing from Employer to employee and Vice Versa

Employee Engagement

Personalized Coaching for Every Employee Seamlessly with Latest Information

Coaching, Mentoring & Counselling

E-Learning, Coaching and Latest Notifications for every new Information added

Cost Efficient

Cost Efficient with high ROI in terms of Employee Engagement and Retention

Features of Comunica

Innovative Learning Experience to Improve Employee Performance


Transform the way organizations train their workforce with our innovative learning experiences. Each module is designed to educate, engage, and entertain the employee, which improves their performance


Know your organization’s news, latest developments, important guidelines, circulars, events, announcements on your mobile easily

Classroom Training Tools

Organize, innovate, and manage your classroom training with our unique set of training tools designed by domain experts

Social Learning

Create a culture of Social Collaboration that focuses on working together to achieve specific business goals, drive innovation, and spur growth. social learning can work wonders for companies as a learning strategy

AI Based Personal Assistant

An AI-driven virtual assistant to improve employee experience that will lead to higher retention, productivity and engagement


Digital publications reach their readers in a very short amount of time, and online readers often consume the edition the very same day it’s distributed


Start Your Learning Journey Now!

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The Team

team image

Parul Khare

Founder and Managing Director

Btech, NIT Surat
2.5 years as Software Developer
5 years of Designing E-learning Contents

team image

Devendra Khare

Consultant (Technical)

Retired Assistant General Manager Bank of Baroda

team image

R N Tandon

Chief Consultant (Academics)

MA, LLB, CAIIB Retired DGM Bank of Baroda

team image

Rupal Khare

Lead Developer

Btech, IIT Rajasthan 5yrs as Mobile App Developer

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